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Holiday Warmth & Magic - Bring it on!

I could sure use some of that holiday warmth and magic, even though it may feel too soon to some. I haven't even had my fill of Halloween candy, and here I am getting in the Christmas spirit. Golden leaves are on the ground, not snow. And it's not cold enough yet for down coats and wool scarves pulled up to my ears. But inside, I need something to warm me. Hot drinks, cookies warm from the oven, comfort food, and warm smiles from friends, neighbors, and loved ones, and a romantic Christmas story. Anyone else ready for some of that? To help you get into that holiday romance groove, twelve authors have come together to include their Christmas romance stories in a boxed set. And I'm thrilled to be one of them! Romancing the Holidays is on Amazon as a pre-sale with a November release date. And not a minute too soon, to bring some of that holiday magic your way. I am so proud to be included with these amazing authors as a portion of the proceeds will benefit cancer research. Early Christmas hugs to all of you. Spread the love! I'm seriously going to burst out in song any minute now, while I finish off that bag of Kit-Kats.


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