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Oh Thrifty Tree, Oh Thrifty Tree

Yup, that's what I have this year, a 'thrifty tree', and this is how the story began. I had a tree decorating dilemma when I opened my storage locker yesterday. I didn't put Christmas away in a very organized manner last year. The boxes of ornaments went in first, pushed to the back. The tree went in last. And somehow, over the course of the year, I've put a lot more stuff (aka 'crap') in the storage unit, including a bulky chair. So, when I opened my storage locker this year, all I saw was a mountain with only a glimpse of my blue containers of ornaments buried at the back. I dragged out the tree, shut the door on the rest and went to Plan B. Yay to thrift stores where someone's junk is another one's treasure. Sure enough, I found treasure. A dozen sparkly, icicle ornaments, a copper-colored ball with pink fluff, plus a few hand-painted balls with winter scenes and touches of pink. Then to a craft store for more treasures: a plastic reindeer, a moose with glitter, a pink car, and a typewriter ornament. Then I repurposed a white scarf trimmed with pompoms that I’d worn in the rain while holding a shopping bag tight to keep the rain from destroying the bag. Instead the rain transferred the store’s name in black ink onto the white scarf. Scarf is now a tree skirt. I’m loving my tree this year. Wasn't what I'd initially planned but putting it together brought me an afternoon of unexpected fun and delightful adventure. Hope your holiday season brings you something unexpected in a most wonderful way. Merry Christmas to All!

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