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Hi and Welcome to my Website!

I've lived in Western Washington most of my life. That's me in the photo outside the Hotel de Haro at Roche Harbor on San Juan Island doing some book research for another book in the Barefoot by Moonlight Series. Each of the books in the series takes place in a Pacific Northwest location. I've used the San Juan Islands, LaConner, and Whidbey Island so far as locations, giving me a nice excuse for a weekend trip for book research. It's no coincidence that two of the stories take place in these San Juan Islands. There is something magical about them as I discovered in my youth  when my parents would take all of us kids by boat to explore the waterways and islands. The San Juans sit emerald-green in waters home to Orca whales and curious seals. From the moment you step onto one of the islands, having arrived by either slow-moving ferry or by sea plane, you are greeted by the crisp, ocean fresh air, screeching seagulls, and the scent of sun-warmed or rain-washed evergreens. It's another world, entirely.  Slower, quieter, a feeling like you've exited off a fast-paced freeway and found a peaceful place. Well, that's what my protagonists think, at first. Whether they've been reluctantly pulled away from the big city or they've sought refuge in one of these locations, they soon find out that mysteries await them and romance can happen quiet unexpectedly.  The question is, can you leave unchanged, or never leave, at all. 

A bit about me. I grew up in a large family, so trust me when I say that boat venturing to the islands was packed with sleeping bags, comic books, Nancy Drew books, swimsuits, and our mother's homemade cookies. Because I grew up with many siblings, that could be why I love being around people. Some of my favorite things are food and conversation, hanging with friends and family, discovering that I'm not such a bad cook after-all, having a sports game on while writing because, yes, you guessed it, I'm too much of an extrovert to be able to write in a quiet corner. I love the challenge of playing trivia but am lousy at it. Live concerts are the best and a good excuse to fly to Vegas. I'm a graduate of Arizona State University with a major in English and have a full-time job, because, again, I love being around people. I'd rather have the sun overhead than rain clouds, yet here I am still living in the Seattle area. It does keep me close by my two grown kids who are amazing individuals, each showing me in their own unique way a new perspective on people and life as only the next generation can, and I thank them for that. 

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