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Lopez Is biking.jpg

Biking on Lopez Island July 2021. 

Whale watching cruise July 2021 near the San Juan Islands. This young male came out of the water and glided right past the nose of our boat.  Mt. Baker in the distance.

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I love the San Juan Islands! They are magical. An escape from your regular routing. Blue skies, rugged coastline, and orca whales. Secluded coves, small towns, sun warmed evergreens, and sun warmed breezes. Then the sun goes down, the night cools, and from somewhere on the island, music floats through the air. And anything could happen. A mystery begins, a romance begins. Either way, my protagonists will never be the same. This is the magic this place holds for me. I try to convey that feeling in my storytelling. Each time I'm visiting the islands or surrounding waters, my imagination goes crazy thinking of all the mysteries that could unfold and the chance meetings that could take place. Just think about it. A protagonists leaves the metropolis for what is only suppose to be a week's visit to one of the islands and one wrong turn leads to life changing events. Mystery, romance, the unexpected. That's what drives my storytelling. That's me in the pic. Summer 2021. An amazing weekend in the San Juan Islands. Biking one day with one of my best friends. Then the next, whale watching a mile from the Canadian border with my big, wonderful family. Wish my kids could have joined me and shared in a wonderful sight. An orca family with the younger male gliding through the water right past the bow of our boat.  Simply magical.

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