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The Weekend I thought I'd get some writing done...

It was Seabrook weekend. Four days near the end of June at a seaside town along the Washington Coast. A darling town of Nantucket-style houses. Or maybe they were cottage-style. I'm not savvy on house styles so maybe I'm not even close. Other than to say the town was darn cute. Packed the laptop. Thought that I'd get some writing time in. Well, here's the thing. I didn't go alone. Because that's not my style. I love being around people and especially my family. So there were seven of us and my laptop. So we've got sisters, nieces, laptop, and add to that, music, sunshine, a veranda of white Adirondack chairs set up for people watching, and the last case of corona that was in the tiny store of Seabrook. Three guesses as to how much writing I got done. Well, I was going to write that the answer is 'Zip'. Then my niece (photographer Rachel Whitney) sent me this picture she took of all of us attempting to use our bodies to spell out "Hello" on a cliff wall that was lit up by the setting sun. So that counts. I wrote one word that last weekend in June, with a little help from family.


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