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3 Beautiful Words: "Dear RONE Nominee"

I opened up my email the other day and here is what I found:

Dear RONE nominee,

Congratulations on being nominated for the illustrious RONE Award!

Very excited and pleased that All Fired Up received a 4 star or better review from InD’tale Magazine and has continued to the public voting phase for the 2017 RONE Awards. Just being a nominee for this prestigious recognition for indie authors is an honor among all the writing talent on the list of nominees.

What happens next? Readers and fans will determine which books go on to the final round. I’d love your vote!! But it’s a small window for casting your vote. Here is how:

Voting for my category (mystery) takes place May 22 – 28 2017.

Register to vote now! Here is the link on the magazine’s website to register as a subscriber: (once you've voted and you no longer wish to remain a subscriber to this free online magazine, log back in to the site and unsubscribe). Once you’ve registered as a subscriber, check your email inbox for the verification email. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to log in to vote when the week arrives. You can take care of this voting registration step now so that you’re all ready to go come voting week. Then write yourself a reminder on a hot-pink sticky note, like I must do for everything, and stick it on the refrigerator, microwave, your teakettle, or your rear view mirror in the car. Whatever is your style. Even if this reminder to vote for All Fired Up is on your to-do list with your milk and eggs or dry cleaning or pedicure, I will be honored.

Voting week for my category (mystery) - Week of May 22 -28. Did I say that already? Okay, I'm saying it again. :)

Here is the link to the voting pages:

​You should see 2017 Rone Awards Week 6 (May 22-28)

Scroll down until you find my category 'MYSTERY'

There are a lot of nominees in this category. Look for All Fired Up – Carmine Valentine

Check the box next to my book title/name, then scroll down to the VOTE button at the bottom of the mystery category. And you're done!

If you have any troubles registering or voting send me an email at

Thank you!




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