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All Fired Up in Burbank, California

I attended the 2016 InDScribe Conference for Indie authors in Burbank, California Oct 6-9. What an experience. Flew down from rainy Seattle with two author friends Christine Fairchild and Kim Hornsby. A friend gave me a heads up about the landing at Burbank, saying it's a short runway. As we swooped down over Hollywood and the warm brown foothills of California, I tightened my seat belt and held on, hoping that the mimosa I'd had earlier would lesson the impact. To say they 'stood on the brakes' is an understatement. The second the plane's wheels touched down in Burbank, we literally came to a stop with the end of the runaway too close for comfort. But thanks to my friend, my favorite shade of Revlon lipstick, Gentlemen Prefer Pink, did not end up on the back of the seat in front of me. Donning my Hollywood sunglasses, I stepped from the back of the plane to be greeted by warm California sunshine and a gentle breeze. What a darling airport terminal, if airport terminals can be darling. Remnants of the past remain at the Bob Hope Airport from the time when Hollywood stars of a bygone era once alighted there and were whisked to their waiting limos. We took the shuttle. We checked in at the Marriott, headed to the only bar there and the rest is history. Other than to say that the Marriott staff were so friendly and the hotel beautiful and that my head is still spinning from all there was to take in for an independent author to launch themselves and be successful in the literary world. The workshops and author speakers were very engaging and informative. There was a costume ball one evening and a masquerade ball the next plus two days of author signing tables. My first. Didn't sell any books and I didn’t really expect to as the attendees were mostly authors rather than readers. So, instead of lugging my box of books home, I gave away ten copies of All Fired Up as I made my way to my departing flight back to Seattle. Gave a few away at breakfast in the hotel restaurant and several to unsuspecting recipients at the airport. I received hugs in return. That was sweet. Oh, and there was this fantastic Rone Awards ceremony on Saturday night, almost like the Grammy Awards but on a smaller scale. Although I’ve never been to the Grammy Awards in order to truly use as a comparison, my creative imagination still likes to say things like that. The creativity and time that went into this award ceremony was evident. It was a beautiful and entertaining evening with everyone dressed in their finery. Camera flashes glinted off of sequined dresses, lady’s evening heels peeked out from their floor-length gowns, and jeweled clips crowned stylish updos. My congratulations to all the winners, runners-up, and nominees. My only regret from my visit to Burbank was that there was little time for being a tourist. I ended up watching a tourism show on TV one night that showed me all the wonderful and beautiful sights I missed during my four days in Burbank. But it was enough to leave me wanting. I shall return as a tourist with my Hollywood sunglasses. I can’t wait!

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