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A Little Distraction....

Nearing completion on a romantic supsense novel I began back in 2007. This novel won First Place in Romantic Suspense in the 2007 Golden Pen. The title was then Tears of the Moon. But what happens when you hang onto a novel too long is that you keep making changes in order to, hopefully, make it better. This story is set on Orcas Island in Western Washington. It's sassier, sexier and has a new title to go along with the changes. A Little Distraction is exactly what my heroine Marianne is hoping will take her mind off the mysterious occurances that began as soon as she moved into her new home. She's got her eye on the handsome stranger who owns the property next door. Jack could easily tempt her into a romantic evening if he wasn't her first suspect. Keeping my fingers crossed that A Little Distraction will find a publisher this year. Even the cat says it's time to let go and get to work on the next.

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