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Snowed In with the Right One

One Step over the Mistletoe Line Book Release

Happy Holidays everyone! I’ve just published my single-title Christmas novella, One Step Over the Mistletoe Line. What’s this story all about? It’s about Claire and RJ who each need a nudge to finally take that step toward true happiness. But it will take a snow storm, a cabin in the woods, a stolen puppy, and a run-in with a Bad Santa before it becomes crystal snowflake

clear that being snowed in with the right one can change everything. There’s something about this magical time of the year that brings romance to life. Whether it’s the quiet intimacy as snow drifts down from above and seems to cocoon us all in protective peace, for however brief. Or the warmth of a fire in the fireplace that draws us closer to sit shoulder to shoulder and share in conversation and laughter. Hot drinks, good books, time to snuggle under a blanket. Time to think about those that you love and how to show them that you love them. Although in my story, Claire is trying to escape all that closeness. But although she may think that she’s running from all the holiday craziness and expectations, what she’s truly running from is having to face the truth. That it’s time to let go of what she thought was love and take a chance on the real thing. Somehow it all works out under the mistletoe. One Step Over the Mistletoe Line is available in print and Kindle on Amazon. And better, yet, my Christmas story is also part of a box set of eBooks in Romancing the Holidays. There’s a total of 13 holiday romances by 13 authors in this box set. And we’ve thrown in some of our favorite holiday dessert recipes. A portion of our proceeds benefits cancer research. Find more information at:

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