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Hello! I write mysteries. Vampire Amateur Sleuth in episodic format available on Amazon's new Kindle Vella storytelling platform AND my Barefoot by Moonlight Mystery series set in the Pacific Northwest. Browse my website or visit my Author Page on Amazon. I hope you find a book you'll love. 

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Vampire Amateur Sleuth/Murder Mystery. Camille Henry is one of the good Vampires, the daylight variety. Her only cravings are fried chicken, chocolate, and wine with a low tolerance for handsome Private Investigators who've mastered the art of driving her crazy. But if she's to learn how to sleuth her way out of a murder that's about to be pinned on her, she'll need to go into the shadows and work with this mysterious PI.

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Author Carmine Valentine lives in the Seattle area and spent many summers exploring the San Juan Islands. Both the Vampire Episodic stories and the Barefoot by Moonlight Mysteries are set in these locals. Read more

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