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Vampires - The Good Variety - Until you cross them...

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Miss American Vampire 

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Episode 1

Murder at Midnight


Camille Henry is a Vampire of the Gentile Variety. A real, living breathing person just with pointy ears, great skin and envious abilities, even if Camille's fire throwing abilities as a Miss America contestant went horribly awry and made her the laughing stock of the nation. But aside from that mishap, the Gentile Vampire are good vampires. They love fried chicken, chocolate and wine, not like the myths of old that tell of  the Monster variety. Those are the Vampires who had the misfortune of falling to the curse of the Dead Moon, to live forever and crave really weird stuff, in Camille's opinion. If one even believed those myths. Camille has a golden opportunity to put her infamous past behind her and become the next spokesperson for the prestigious Vampire Academy, but there’s just one problem. She’s just found a dead man in her bed. If she's to learn how to sleuth her way out of a murder that's about to be pinned on her, she'll need to go into the shadows and work with a mysterious PI who has her thinking twice about whether the myths are not just myths, after-all.

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