• Carmine Valentine

Lamps, Plants, and Oranges

I haven't blogged since 2019. I haven't written since 2021. Lots has happened. COVID certainly derailed life for many of us. Then a construction fence knocked me down and further derailed me away from writing and most of everything else that was my everyday life. I've been slowly recovering from a brain injury. Ten months since my accident and I can honestly say I'm finally beginning to feel like I'm improving. I can also say that I feel like I'm a different person in some ways. I've reprioritized my goals and what's important to me in life in general. I now crave oranges and pasta. I bought a pair of crazy lamp shades in a peacock print. I was easily talked into buying a tropical plant that smells like peanut butter one minute and chocolate the next. Who wouldn't like that? I'm thinking I'll take a Spin class once my PT doc gives me the 'go for it!', and that's a big change for me because I used to hate bike riding. I've gotten hooked on documentaries because they were gentle on my brain in the early months of my recovery. I also started watching a Swedish detective series to see if I might suddenly have a knack for learning a foreign language. That hasn't happened, but I did enjoy the Sandhamn Murders Series. Life is good, and although before my accident I would write down and say aloud what I'm grateful for every day, saying them now has a much sweeter feel to it. What I'm grateful for every day warms me on the inside like a sunny day feeling and gives an even greater purpose to every beautiful day. I've started writing again this past week. I consider that a blessing.

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