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Who Doesn't Love a Cozy Bookstore?

It was a dark and rainy night...and so I went to a cozy bookstore. Actually, I was invited to a holiday party at Kirkland's new independent bookstore the Booktree. They recently opened on Market Street in Kirkland (Washington). Co-owners Mary Harris and Christopher Jarmick have created a truly cozy, warm, and cheerful place with lots of books to peruse and colorful book posters everywhere you look, each signed by the author. It was a packed house at the holiday party last Friday and I was thrilled to be one of the authors in attendance along with some I know you’ve heard of: Robert Dugoni, Dori Hillestad Butler, Paula Becker, Janet Lee Carey, and Dana Sullivan. I sold a few books, made new friends, tried not to eat all the shrimp cocktail, and simply had a wonderful time. My good friend Marie Jensen stopped by to do some Christmas shopping and I couldn’t resist a photo op with her. Saw a few more familiar faces that I see around town. And that is what sets this small bookstore apart from the others. How many bookstores do you walk into and you see a friend or a neighbor? The only danger in this bookstore is that you might want to pull up one of the chairs by the window and not leave until you’ve finished the book in your hands. I'll be having an author event at the Booktree some time in the new year. Looking forward to sitting around and chatting with readers about favorite characters and scenes in All Fired Up and which characters readers feel deserve a love story of their own.


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