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Cover Release, Title Change...I think it's going to happen. Like the title reads, I'm "

My first ever cover release just happened. Along with my 5th title change of my romance that takes place on Orcas Island. Yeah. The one I've been blogging about and saying that I'm finally going to let go of this story. I found the perfect cover thanks to the talent of book cover designer Melody Pond. It's like her cover and my story were meant to meet. At the last minute, I changed the title from "A Little Distraction" which was just too sweet for the fun and trouble going on in my romance. New and final title is "All Fired Up". Now working madly to follow the steps of self-publishing on Amazon's Createspace. I've set a release date of July 15, a promise made to family, friends and all the other sweet people waiting for this to happen. Today, I'm reading my manuscript backwards. That's right. Backwards is best to see if I've used a word incorrectly or said something really off the wall that I can't back up. Who knows, maybe I'll leave the 'off the wall' stuff in. Sometimes the first thing out of your mouth is the worst thing you can say and sometimes it's the spice in the story. Soon as I hit the publish button on Amazon, I'll get to work tidying up my next romance story titled "Nothing but Trouble".

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