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I'm not here to start something over a bottle of wine. And yet, he does...

"I'm not here to start something over a bottle of wine," Jack said. And yet, he's so drawn to Marianne that he does exactly that despite his determination to keep his purpose on the island short. Watch for my novel A Little Distraction coming to Amazon in June 2016.

In the meantime, revisited Orcas Island a few weekends ago to fine-tune the details for A Little Distraction. Good thing I went. I had forgotten that Orcas is mostly hills and forest. Thank you to my pal Judy for being my navigator and for taking the heat when we strayed too far onto private property to get a look at a funky mansion that would work for the book. We didn't get shot at, but we were basically chased off before we could get a pic. We needed a cold beer at the Lower Tavern to recover and rested quite comfortably at the Rosario Resort that evening. What a lovely and interesting place to stay. After a fabulous breakfast the next morning at the Island Skillet, we checked out Deer Harbor and the perfect setting for the mansion in my book. Waited for the late afternoon ferry home while sitting in the bar at the Orcas Hotel with a fantastic view of the channel.

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