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Mysteries set in the Pacific Northwest. Where cozy meets suspenseful and romance meets a take-charge woman capable of just about anything if she's pushed too far.

The Barefoot by Moonlight Mystery Series

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
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All Fired Up

Book 1

Marianne Dunaway has returned to Orcas Island on an innocent dare only to discover that trouble awaits. Her sister won't speak to her and someone on the island is stirring awake island folklore of stolen jewels all pointing to an unsolved case linked to her grandfather's past. Just when threatening notes make it clear that this is no joke, and someone wants her grandfather to pay dearly, a handsome stranger knocks on her door offering to assist. Coincidence? Or a true hero to the rescue, but at a price. 

ISBN: 9781976551482

On the shelf at these independent b0okstores:

Village Books - Bellingham, WA

December 2022 Release

Nothing but Trouble

Book 2

Millions that go missing brings FBI Special Agent Ian Dunaway to the town of La Conner where he finds a roadblock to his investigation in the form of his old girlfriend who hasn't quite forgiven him, yet.

2023 Release


Double Dilemma
Book 3

It wasn't the moonlight that got her into handcuffs on San Juan Island. It was one bad idea after the other and now Emma Goodenough has another bad idea. She's determined to find the kidnapped professor despite warnings from US Marshall McCoy who she suspects was protecting more than just the professor.


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